About Us

ENHZ are a Cheshire based online Sportswear & Accessories brand.  

Our passion is our devotion to sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, commitment to quality and giving our customers the best choices in sportswear at reasonable prices.

We aim to make our outfit as comfortable as possible to wear daily and to incorporate fashion and trend into sportswear

Style of fashion is embedded in the individuality, and we very much believe in that – All we want to do is to give you those choices between trendy sports outfits that ooze your confidence whether "repping" it for fashion or function.


Vision – We want to be the best at what we do through continuous improvement of our products, being innovative, and through a robust and sustainable sourcing

Customers – We will continuously work hard to bring the best in sportswear to our customers through ethical and sustainable sourcing  and to give our customers good value for money.